Ha-Meem Laundry

The washing facility is one of the biggest in Bangladesh. A premium facility with state of the art laundry equipped with the latest Italian machines and can be compared to any of top laundries of the world. Its equipped with Tonello and bohemian machines for dry processes, 3d flexible hanger machine, auto vacuum crinkle, lazer, PP spray, ozone washing and many added each day.

All the washing plants have dry process capability with required equipment and can perform all kinds of fashion wash like Hand brushing, Whisker including 3 dimensional and Laser whisker, PP Spray, Tearing, Grinding, Oven curing, Over dying, Tinting etc.

We have a development center facility in the washing plant under a Professional Dyeing Master. It is a minilab which has different special equipments to create initial samples.

 7 Washing Plants with the capacity of 300,000 pcs/day

 Can perform all kinds of critical wash

 Equipment Wet process-
a) Computerized front loading 450Kg: 50 Nos.
b) Computerized front loading Dryer 300Kg: 20 Nos.
c) Belly Machine 550 LBS washer: 114 Nos.
d) 200LBS Dryer: 110 Nos.
e) Extractors: 55 Nos.

 Equipment Dry process-
a) 6 x GFK 250 Laser
b) 1 x Blastex 250
c) 250 x Italian Tonello Hand Brushing Mannequin
d) 22 x PP Spray cabinet
e) 80 x Grinding machine
f) 30 x 3-D Whisker machine / Crinckle machine
g) 12 x Curing Oven including Mono Rail type
h) 100 x Hand Grinder
i) 35 x Special Steam presser and Tacking Machine
j) Special tonello, jet dying machine for precision overdye

 Have foreign wash technician from Turkey, Sri-Lanka and Philippine

 Dry Process Capacity : 1,20,000 pcs/day (all kind of fashion wash)